New Protocols for Indoor Soccer

Updated guidelines and protocols for a safe and competitive indoor season.

New Protocols for Indoor Soccer

UPDATED: October 26

We are just one week away from training and  playing at Nordic's Indoor Soccer Center (NISC).  Here is information on our protocols to keep you, your family, and our staff safe.

Our goal is to play all Winter. We believe everyone shares this goal, so it is imperative that we all act in the best interests of our community.  Nordic embraces the "we not me" philosophy, and we encourage our members and guests to do the same.  The soccer season is long, Nov. through July, so missing 1 or 2 sessions out of an abundance of caution will not impact your player's development.

Our goal is to always be inclusive and welcoming, but we also hope you understand that given the circumstances we need to hold a hard line to ensure a safe and healthy environment.


  1. If you have travelled out-of-state to an area outside of the green zone by Vermont state standards, you need to quarantine.  Do not come in the building. Check map here:

    Any deliberate abuse of this mandate will result in a permanent expulsion.  

  2. All players will wear masks on and off the field
  3. All staff will wear masks
  4. All surfaces will be wiped regularly
  5. All players will be assigned a cubby spot for their bag and water bottle.  No other outside items are to be brought in to the building.
  6. Parents are not allowed  to attend training sessions.
  7. 1 parent-per-player is welcome to watch indoor league games.
  8. Parents will bring in and take out (small) chairs if they want to sit. Otherwise standing room only.
  9. Hand sanitizer is available upon entry and exit from the building.
  10. All players must sign a NISC waiver form prior to playing.
  11. No waiver, no play:
  12. All new players must sign a Covid waiver - most members signed this in late Spring - You do not need to fill in again.
  13. All players and visitors MUST sign in for each training sessions and game using the Team App/TeamSnap web apps, or else sign in manually at NISC entrance for contact tracing purposes.
  14. We encourage all outside teams to download one of the Apps (above) and use  this as your primary method of attendance. 
  15. Nordic will instill a Zero tolerance policy on parents or players with symptoms - you will be asked to leave the building immediately.
  16. Entry and exit at NISC is now a 1-way system; IN through the 'Hall of Fame' entrance - OUT through the Blue Ribbon area. See Image below. 


We are also still working on getting league games livestreamed - we hope to have news this week confirming this.

For further details on state guidelines please see here:
For further information on the mandating of masks for sports see here:

Parking Procedures

Nordic parents will now enter and exit the facility via a new parking area and new entrance for players.

The entry and exit points to the facility for patrons now operate on a 1-way system.  Patrons will enter through the 'hall of fame' entrance and leave via the 'Blue Ribbon' area.  See image below for directions.

As well, parking has changed for Nordic parents.  It too will be a 1-way system, with a cell-phone lot for parents who are waiting before then using the 1 way system for pick up.

See diagram here.


Nordic parents will no longer drive up and into the large parking lot at CVE.

Both Jim and I will be meeting with all teams via Zoom to talk through our new procedures this week.  Please have your questions ready, and better still send them to us in advance so we can prepare and share with everyone:  |

With your help, we will provide a safe and competitive environment for your players for the entire winter. 

Thanks for your support, and we look forward to a very successful winter session.

Yours in Soccer.

Craig, Jim, and the Nordic Team


Craig Stone  (he/him)
Girls Program Director
Mb: 703.624.6734
Tough Times Don't Last; Tough People Do. ~
Emma Hayes, Chelsea Women's F.C. Head Coach



Greetings Nordic Soccer Club families,


Having enjoyed a successful spring/summer season and with our fall season underway, we now must look ahead to our upcoming winter season at the Nordic Indoor Soccer Center (NISC).


We have had extensive meetings with our partners at the Champlain Valley Exposition (CVE) about schedules with the goal of offering our families the best possible programming during the winter months. One challenge of course is to provide the best programming possible while following the current State of Vermont COVID-19 safety rules regarding indoor facilities, including the rule that limits us to 75 people inside the CVE South building at any one time.


The result is that soccer at the CVE will look and be different this winter! As always, we look for the silver linings, and there are many, so long as our Nordic community continues to heed the protocols to keep each other safe and healthy.


Silver Linings:

  • Possible extra weeks of training time at NISC at no extra cost to members, due to most trade shows being cancelled through February 2021.
  • Less rolling of the carpet/turf.
  • No scheduled training or game times during family holiday weeks (e.g. Thanksgiving, Christmas)



Session 1 Dates


Our Session 1 dates will start on Monday, November 2 and continue through Sunday, December 20 for a 6-week session.


As noted above and contrary to previous years, we will not be scheduling trainings or games during the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Teams and coaches will have the opportunity to practice those weeks if they wish.


The plan for our Session 1 schedule will be to offer all teams 2 trainings and 1 game each week as follows:


  • Girls teams: will practice on Mondays
    • Younger girls teams 2nd team practice will be on Wednesdays
    • Older (high school age) teams 2nd team practice will be on Sundays


  • Boys teams: will practice Tuesdays
    • Younger boys teams 2nd team practice will be on Thursdays
    • Older (high school age) teams 2nd team practice will be on Sundays


  • League games:
    • Will be played on Friday and Saturday nights, as well as Sunday mornings and afternoons for high school ages
    • Leagues include both 5v5 and 7v7 game options



A complete weekly Nordic Soccer training schedule will be online and in your Inbox on Monday Sept. 28.



Unfortunately, COVID-19 safety measures will prevent us from offering technical training sessions. Due to adding a 15 minute buffer between each trainings session, there is simply no time in the weekly schedule for TT sessions. However, due to the additional dates that we may/will pick up from CVE due to show cancellations (potentially 8 more weeks of indoor training), we may/will be able to offer more weeks of practices and games than we have in past years. Furthermore, as a curriculum initiative, we will request that all coaches include technical training during their practice sessions. 




New NISC Protocols

  • We will need to stagger start/end times of practices and games to allow for the building to empty to avoid exceeding our occupancy capacity of 75 people. As you will notice from the training schedule calendar, we have built in a 15-minute window between practices and games to allow us to keep our numbers within the acceptable limits. 


  • To ensure that we have no more than 75 people inside the NISC, parents will be unable to attend practices. We will guide parents as to drop-off and pick-up areas.



  • Parking/Entry/Exit – Participants at NISC (Nordic and non-Nordic) will need to enter through the Vermont Agriculture Hall of Fame entrance. All participants will be asked to exit through the doors at the Blue Ribbon Room. There will be no passage allowed between the NISC and the CVE North (Far Post) buildings.


  • Bathroom facilities – there will be 2 family bathroom options in the hallway from NISC to the Blue Ribbon Room. While these doors will be locked, anyone needing to use the bathroom will be able to obtain a key from our manager on duty.



As we hear more from the CVE about the status of their February and March shows (during which we typically would close and roll up our turf), we will inform you of scheduling for indoor Sessions 2 and 3.



We will update the website with this information and will keep you informed of any updates. We also will host a Zoom call in the near future for questions and comments on the details outlined here.


Thank you for your continued support of our programming.


Jim, Craig and the Nordic Team.