2020-21 Season information

Nordic teams are up and running for the 2020-21 season.  

We do have room on certain teams.

If you are interested in 'trying in' for a Nordic team and for further detail, please contact:

Jim Goudie - Director of Coaching - jim@nordicsoccer.org

Craig Stone - Girls Program Director - craig@nordicsoccer.org

In keeping with our April announcement "Everyone Returns - We're All in This Together" and as we look ahead to next season, Nordic Soccer has made the decision to offer every player on this year's rosters a spot with Nordic for the 2020-21 season without the need to try out. 

The first step is pre-registration for the Nordic 2020-21 season. Once you have completed this pre-registration, each player will receive a personalized email invitation email to their team.

To pre-register in Demosphere click here.


We hope this piece of certainty during otherwise uncertain times provides a meaningful level of comfort to both players and parents. After all, we already had accomplished so much this year before our unplanned break, and we want our players to have the chance to build on the momentum and camaraderie they worked so hard to achieve.

Nordic will be welcoming new players to 'try in' with the club for the 2020-21 season from August 1st and following. Players are welcome to practices, scrimmages, camps and play dates with the club during these exciting series of pre-season events.

Players not currently rostered with another club are welcome to join us for a 'try in' at any time.

As we strive to continually improve the player and family experiences at Nordic, we are focusing on doing our best to remove the stress and anxiety that may accompany traditional tryouts and one-size-fits-all payment options.

We will be announcing our coaching staff for the 2020-21 season soon.

New Payment Plan Options to Help our Families.

Player fees for the 2020-21 season will remain the same.

In addition to our "Everyone Returns" policy, Nordic Soccer Club is introducing new payment plan options for 2020-21 season player fees. In addition to our current model (early deposit plus four monthly payments to be paid in full by February), we are offering an option to spread player fees throughout the year over the course of eight months to help our families with cash flow challenges that may result from these challenging times. 

Option 1 - pay in full.

Option 2 - $300 deposit followed by three equal payments of the remaining balance due on 10/1/2020, 12/1/2020, and 2/1/2021.

Option 3 - Extended Payment Plan: $300 Deposit followed by equal payments of the remaining balance due 9/1/2020, 10/1/2020, 11/1/2020, 12/1/2020,  1/1/2021, 2/1/2021 and 3/1/2021.

2012 Boys and Girls - U9 - $1315.

2011 Boys and Girls - U10 - $1315.

2010 Boys and Girls - U11 - $1470.

2009 Boys and Girls - U12 - $1625.

2008 Boys and Girls - U13 - $1725 (Premier) - $1315 (Club)

2007 Boys and Girls - U14 - $1725 (Premier) - $1315 (Club) 

2006 Boys and Girls - U15 - $1725 (Premier) - $1315 (Club)

2005 Boys and Girls - U16 - $1725 (Premier) - $1315 (Club)

2004 Boys and Girls - U17 - $1725 (Premier) - $1315 (Club)

2003 Boys and Girls - U18 - $1725 (Premier) - $1315 (Club)

2002 Boys and Girls - U19 - $1725 (Premier) - $1315 (Club)

Questions and Answers:

Q. What if there is another close down of operations due to COVID?

A: Nordic will continue to run the club to our best capabilities within State of Vermont and VT Soccer Association guidelines. Our coaching staff did a fantastic job this past spring in providing our families a great resource during the shutdown which included technical and physical programs in addition to regular team Zoom meetings.

Q. Will Nordic offer a club fall season to middle and high school age players if their fall seasons are cancelled?

A. Yes - in addition to our regular U9 through U14 age group fall programs, if the middle and/or high school seasons are cancelled, we will offer these age groups both practise and game opportunities as best we can: again within State of Vermont and VT Soccer Association guidelines.

There would be additional costs to players on those older age groups if we did offer this!

Q. Would there be any refunds or credit for the 2020-21 season if we are closed again.

A. Based on how the season pans out would determine if a credit for future programs or refund would be warranted. As with this past spring, our goal is to offer as much programming to our players as we can (and continue to do) to make up for lost time.

Nordic also has financial responsibilities that we are strictly adhering to so as to ensure the long term stability of the club!

Q. How will fitting work for new uniforms this year?

A: Due to COVID restrictions we cannot offer our typical uniform fitting. Returning players can use their current uniforms for sizing options in addition to the WeGotSoccer sizing chart on their website. New players should use the WeGotSoccer sizing chart.

Q. When we go back indoors, will parents be allowed to stay and watch practices? What about games?

A. State of Vermont guidelines will determine what we can offer at NISC during the winter months. The health and safety of our families and users will continue to be our number one goal as we plan ahead! 

Q. Without tryouts, will my child be on the same team (Premier or Club) as this year?

A. Whilst we are offering all returning players a spot on a Nordic roster for the 2020-21 season where we have a team, there may be some movement between Premier and Club if our coaching staff believe what is the most developmentally appropriate fit for a player. 


If you are interested in playing for a Nordic team, please contact:

Jim Goudie - Director of Coaching - jim@nordicsoccer.org

Craig Stone - Girls Program Director - craig@nordicsoccer.org